About Us

TKS Advertising was established in 1992 based on the idea of promoting Larnaka companies on a Larnaka tourist map.

Today, TKS publish tourist maps for all Tourist areas of the island and also offers a nation wide map of the whole island.

Our maps are being distributed to 301 hotels, 55 foot-stands and 220 other key locations. We publish 750,000 maps yearly that are seen by more than 50% of the tourists that visit Cyprus.


Following the development of technology, we have also created our own website (www.cyprusalive.com) and social media pages (Facebook). Our website is one of the top 5 websites that promote Cyprus.


We corporate with a lot of specialised writers to keep our website up to date and we offer online complete promotions for all of our clients.

Our 22 Facebook pages are boosting our online promotions for all clients, therefore, we are proud to say that we are offering the “best value for money” in advertising solutions.

About our company
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Meet our office team

Tasos Shakallis

Managing Director

Helen Zacharia

Graphic Designer & Marketing Officer

Maria Shakalli

Art Director


Joanna Stefanou


Area Manager


Anna Maria Philippou

Operations Manager


Stratos Georgiou

Sales Manager

Team of Writers